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Coffee Bags


We are constantly working to improve on our impact on the environment at every step in our coffee chain

Our Bags
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We are proud to announce that we have made the switch to more sustainable packaging with the Biotre™  2.0 bags for all of our 12oz and 1lb coffee bags.

Biotre™ coffee bags are made from 60% renewable plant-based resources and the remaining 40% breaks down into healthy compost using processes from OECD and conditions taken from ASTM standards. The material is earth-friendly and heat-sealable keeping the roasted coffee beans as fresh as possible. To learn more about Biotre™, visit here.

How To Dispose:

Remove the tin-tie at the top manually before composting. Compost the remaining coffee bag in your privately managed compost pile or dispose of it in the trash. When a portion or all of Biotre™ is properly disposed of, Biotre™ material will naturally decompose and its impact on the environment is significantly less than typical plastic materials.“Backyard” composting can be done but the inner liner will not fully break down. After the outer layer has broken down (approximately 84 days), you can remove the liner and discard it.

We hope you will love them, too!

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