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Want an inside look at our family-owned

About Us

We strive to not only bring you the best coffee, but also be socially & environmentally responsible 


Recreo Coffee & Roasterie is a family-owned and operated, 100% single-source coffee shop and roasterie in the heart of Boston. All of our coffee beans are grown on our family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua, and we roast our beans in-house. A third of our profits go towards funding our farm and providing quality education for workers and their families. Our professional level Italian-style espresso drinks and our stellar customer service won us Best Coffee Shop in Massachusetts in 2019. We are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means we care about the environment as much as we do coffee. Our baristas are excited to get to know you — we’ll always remember your name and your favorite drink!

Our Values

- What We Stand For -

At Recreo we stand for the quality of our coffee, the well-being of relationships, and the sustainability of our environment. We CARE that every single step from farm to cup is executed with love and perfection.

Commitment to consistency in quality.

Ambassador of our socially responsible mission.

Relationships are vital because every customer is important.

Eco-friendly and sustainable in every step of our coffee chain.

Our Mission

- What Motivates Us -

At Recreo we are motivated by three simple, but important aspects of our coffee world. We don't only CARE about it, we are doing something about it. 

A true farm to cup experience.

It is our mission to bring every customer that comes to our Cafes the purest and knowledgeable experience of our specialty coffee. Harvested in our family farm and imported directly to our roaster, it is micro-roasted per order and brewed with detailed specifications to produce the finest of all. 

Bringing people together.

Known as the 'living room of West Roxbury and City Hall', we want to bring people together - at the farm and at our Cafes - to have fun, build friendships, and enjoy life with a cup. 

Community focused.

We want to enhance our community by, not only providing a place of comfort but also giving back to our Boston Community it in different ways.  We are kids and elderly-friendly, providing activity for everyone in the family!

We had a great kids event yesterday! Mir

Maintaining a high level of social and environmental responsibility has always been a standard of Recreo. A commitment to quality of product is only sustainable by simultaneously committing to a high ethical baseline, from which, we refuse to deviate. Our single-origin coffee is grown and harvested on our family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua and can frequently be seen being roasted locally, by Hector in West Roxbury. Our coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, where we utilize farming techniques that treat the land and our employees on it, with kindness and care.

"We are committed to improving the lives of our workers and the community of Jinotega, Nicaragua."

It is simply not enough to serve as an environmental advocate. At Recreo we believe in giving back to those that spend their days working with us. Insisting upon a healthy, holistic workplace, gives all of our employees a sense of pride and confidence. All of our employees receive free housing, 3 meals a day, education for them and their children, medical care and an opportunity to learn and expand their presence within or beyond Recreo. By reinvesting in our workforce, we create community, lend support and a chance at a better life for all of the Recreo family.

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