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Our Farm

See where your coffee comes from and learn about where it all started

Nestled deep within a lush, forest laden mountain rests the birthplace of our single-origin high-quality coffee. Our fully sustainable farm exists within an ideal climate that allows our plants to flourish and blossom beautiful, rich red cherries that we nourish throughout their entire production cycle all the way into your cup. There is no step in our coffee's lifecycle that we are not thoroughly in control of, only by doing so can we ensure our True Farm to Cup process. All of our coffee is grown at El Recreo Estate Farm, located in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The farm is currently managed by owner Miriam Morales' parents, Leana and Carlos.


"Our Product Never Leaves Our Hands Before it Enters Yours."

El Recreo Estate Farm is a family-owned and operated 364-acre plantation that has produced premium coffee for over 50 years. The farm has been owned by the Ferrey-Machado family since 1972, but the land has grown coffee since 1905. Our natural approach to coffee production directly aligns with the standards detailed by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring our coffee's consistent highest quality. From soil management to all aspects of plant cultivation, harvesting, and processing, our product never leaves our hands before it enters yours. We believe this insistence on quality of system results in the continual delivery of coffee excellence.

On our farm, we employ over 40 permanent families as well as over 200 temporary workers. El Recreo Estate Farm provides numerous facilities to ensure our employees maintain a high standard of living including a school for children, a health center for all employees and their families, as well as a School of Technical Training for adults.

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