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Origin Trips

Take a trip to Nicaragua to live out your coffee dreams, while experiencing every step in your coffee's journey

Learn, Experience, Enjoy. Visit our Farm.

How is coffee made? We all know it's roasted and brewed in some capacity, but what are it's origins? How does the bean travel from some remote region into your cup, as coffee? We believe to truly comprehend and appreciate coffee, in it's purest, single-origin, flavorful capacity, our Origin Trip is the finest way to experience the journey firsthand. We offer a rare opportunity to partake in our true farm-to-cup process, to immerse yourself and witness the craft. El Recreo Estate Farms awaits your arrival to welcome, educate, and excite you.


Recreo's level of inclusion in our holistic manufacturing remains unparalleled. We cultivate, plant, harvest, process, import, roast, we brew. However, it's at the roots where the magic happens. The climate, the region, the way we conduct our business, are all factors as to why we produce the level of product we do. Bienvenidos a Nicaragua! Through systemic and repeatable standards we create a distinctive environment, that time and time again surprises even ourselves.

See every step in person. Walk through our fields, speak with our farmers, watch as we process and de-pulp our cherries, journey to isolated mountainside farms. No step is overlooked or ignored. We acknowledge the process and welcome you to embrace it with us. Learn from our Senior Farm Engineers, Brew Masters and so many more, these are our caretakers.

Leave your stress and worries behind. Retreat to simplicity. Learn, experience, become enriched, and enjoy the peacefulness provided. Escape into the lush tropical landscape, feel the sunshine, and exist for the moment. Our family farm provides you with a private room, all meals, and enlightenment. We're here, waiting for you.


At El Recreo Estate Farm an unprecedented adventure awaits, not only for personal pleasure but also to enhance and lift up the lives of others. See how our workers and their families interact with the farm and gain an opportunity to give back. Through charitable donations, our employees and their families are able to attain a connection with the world beyond Nicaragua. We welcome you to bring, give or donate what you can to help us help so many.


In our Casona (big house) your day begins and ends. Never will you be poured a fresher cup of coffee. Cold or hot, it comes from a short walk away. Breakfast to Dinner, our coffee is paired with an equally delectable meal. Prepared by our expert cooks, enjoy local culinary delights that will provide a taste of Nicaragua beyond compare.

With land and resources as rich as El Recreo Estate Farm's, each excursion possesses new and exciting connections and freedoms. Come visit single-origin coffee's motherland, come learn coffee's journey as you embark upon your own.

Come Join Us, You Never Know What You'll See.
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