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With Recreo Coffee, enjoy a direct relationship with us, the coffee growers and the roasters


  • We help you develop your coffee program.

  • We assist you with your equipment needs

  • We offer training to your staff

  • We micro roast your order and deliver to you on a timely manner

Remember coffee is the last step of a great meal. It should be amazing!

Would you like to give your customers a true farm to cup experience?



  • We offer office subscription

  • We help you develop a coffee program

  • We assist you with equipment needs

  • We deliver straight to you

Would you like to brew Recreo coffee at your office?


  • We do different packaging sizes from 3oz to 5lbs

  • We assist you with equipment needs

  • We deliver straight to you

  • We offer training of your staff

Would you like to offer Recreo Coffee at your next event?



  • We are a Boston local roaster

  • We use compostable coffee bags

  • We micro roast per order to ensure freshness

  • We are Rainforest Alliance certified

  • We can do demos at your location

Do you want to carry a high quality and specialty coffee with social responsibility?


Premium Beans, Ideal for Micro Roasters

Looking to obtain the purest, single-origin, ethical, coffee available for roasting? Look no further than our beans shipped directly from our farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The entirety of our coffee's cultivation is undertaken by family in the literal sense, three generations safeguard the virtues of our beans, delivering nothing but the highest standard available. Our coffee is grown to sustainable, Rainforest Alliance specifications, while simultaneously benefiting those who harvest it, creating a harmonious work environment. We have seen first hand the progress and peacefulness investing in eco-friendliness and social responsibility has reaped, making it not only a business practice but a way of life. Stateside, we import direct trade, removing all opportunities for impurity or contamination. Our coffee arrives happily in ‘Ecotact’ burlap bags. Please contact us for pricing, order placing, delivery information, or any other inquiries you may have. We also offer samples upon request.

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